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Here’s an article that references the work Sean Miller did with the Brighton Police Department.

Here’s an interview regarding American Canine Academy’s service dog training program:

For videos of some of Sean’s work, click here.

Chelsea G. - Denver, CO

I would board my dogs here when I had to fly out of town. The staff is awesome and my dog was always happy to be dropped off there. He’s not the easiest dog but the manage him and his needs very well.

Emilee D. - Denver, CO

Took my German Shepherd here for their 4-wk board and train program while I went on vacation.  My dog is very aggressive towards strangers/new dogs and previous trainers either quit or didn’t give me satisfactory results over the course of time.  I wasn’t expecting much when I brought him here.

Boy, was I wrong.  Within five minutes, one of the trainers had the muzzle off my dog and managed to do so without being attacked.  Very impressive.  I went on vacation with a sound mind that my dog was in good hands.

They kept my dog a week longer, no extra charge, just to be sure that his training had set in.  When I went to pick him up, it was like he was a whole new dog!  He was no longer reacting to people passing by or other dogs running around.  He also had learned a whole new set of commands.

I need to get him into the lifetime group training classes they offer once I get settle down in my new place.  The academy did a great job and I can’t wait for my dog to resume his training!

Tara C. - Denver, CO

This place is awesome!  I took my dog for the off leash/board/train.  On a separate issue she had stitches the entire time and they were amazing!  Dealt with the cone of shame, kept them clean, and seemed super happy to do it! I cannot say enough great things about the trainer and the program in general.  She is super friendly dog and one of the main problems is that she kind of wants to hang out with anyone who says hello instead of sticking with us when we are at a park or backpacking up in the mountains.  She came back the same dog but now pays attention to us instead of literally anyone and anything that blinks in her general direction.  This place is great…don’t hesitate to take your dog here.

Astrid B. – New Orleans, LA

We have a posse of 3 pups and a very tolerant puddy tat. All of our dogs have had the pleasure of staying and learning at this facility. Seven WAS our problem child. She was rescued when she was 3 months old but had lasting emotional damage. Very fearful, shy, timid little lady. We called her Shady Seven. After her board and train 2 week stay, she was like a new dog. We have worked with Jamie in getting Seven to a healthier state of mind and she is all the better for it! She is now people friendly, more dog friendly, interactive, obedient and overall just a happier pup. Couldn’t thank this place enough!

The experience with boarding has also been great. Prices are reasonable, fair, and the runs are large enough to board some dogs together which makes the situation less stressful as well, imo. We are very particular when we leave our “kids” somewhere and this place fit the bill. They know my dogs by name and interact with them as we would at home. Couldn’t be happier we found this place!

Bryan Y. – Castle Rock, CO

We put our 1 year old Newfie in their 4 week train and board program. They did keep him longer for additional training but they did not charge for it and we were very pleased with the results. They managed to turn our little monster into a gentle giant. He now follows the basic commands: sit, stay, down, heel, and we are able to take him for walks without him pulling anymore. He also has learned to stay in his “place”of our choosing during mealtime so no more begging. All of our biggest concerns have been addressed and he has a good foundation on which we can continue his training. We now take him there for boarding as well. Thank you American Canine Academy!

Dave P. – Denver, CO

We dropped our dog off for the 2 week board and train program.  He is a great dog but we have never had the patience to work with him on basic commands.  After 2 weeks of training, he was a much easier to live, run and walk with.  We are going to bring him back whenever we go on longer vacations- because the boarding rates are great- and we can get him a little extra refreshing on training as well. We recommend the board and train to anyone who wants/needs it for their dog too.

Connie L. – Brighton, CO

We wanted our new puppy to start off with some good habits as we have a 7 and 5 year old at home, so we signed up for some 1-on-1 classes.  We needed some basics to get her started and it was the best thing ever.  She listens to us and the kids.  Our trainer has been great at getting even the kids to work with her on commands.  We are a work in progress but progress is going very well!

Kate M. – Denver, CO

Our dog Beaux is an Australian cattle dog mix, with an energetic, stubborn personality. Despite our best efforts throughout Beaux’s formative years, we continued to fall short with training methods we learned at countless classes. Outside of training classes, she’d never listen to us without food in our hand. Beaux ran our house. She got what she wanted (walks, treats, couch time, etc.) when she wanted it and because of her control, she became aggressive with other dogs on-leash and off. Beaux was the boss, and earned the nickname “Bad News Beaux” in our house. We had dog-sitters refusing to watch her because she didn’t listen and soiled their homes, and neighbors complained about Beaux’s behavior towards their dogs and children. Stress was building in our house.

It was about this time I heard glowing reviews from a coworker about a trainer who worked with her aggressive dog, and the dog returned to her house reformed. Immediately, we signed Beaux up for a five to six week Off-Leash Board & Train program with Jamie (the miracle trainer!), and it changed our lives.

Jamie is a thorough, perceptive, and brilliant trainer. She was able to lock into Beaux’s manipulative behaviors and pinpoint a reward for Beaux that was even better than treats. Jamie reformed Beaux’s crazed desire to touch people and made it into a reward. By doing so, Beaux finally had a bar set and it became her job to key into commands so she could garner touches from everyone in her environment.

While separated from Beaux, Jamie delivered weekly updates on her training progression, comforting us that Beaux truly was as stubborn as we thought, but excelling with her newfound reward. She was encouraging and gave us guidance and tips on how easy it would be to assimilate Beaux’s new reward into our lives at home. These genuinely, candid communications gave us heart that Jamie is the perfect person to train our manipulative dog.

Jamie’s brilliant and calm methods continued once we picked Beaux up from her coursework. Her patience is endless (with dogs and people). She is so familiar with dogs that you can actually watch her deduce how they’re feeling just by the way the dog walks or holds its head. It’s incredible and really shows how invested she is in her students’ success. Her keen sense of dog behaviors and awareness of the owner’s current state (or reaction) is like no other I’ve witnessed in a trainer before
All of these qualities lead us to sing Jamie’s and American Canine Academy’s praises everywhere we go. Jamie has glued our family back together. Beaux is fantastic with her basic commands on-leash as well as off and even learned a few new tricks that help keep her manners in check, like Place. We continue our training with Jamie near weekly and have no plans on letting up. Jamie has taught us that Beaux needs a strong routine and we’re over the moon to be able to partner with Jamie and the team at ACA to keep Beaux on track. They go above and beyond everything a trainer & program should offer for pets and their parents.

Donna K. – Littleton, CO

We had our year old pup stay for a board and train month.  Jamie was terrific with Rumble and she has become a well mannered dog.  It is up to us now to practice with her and continue with what she has learn.  I will use their facility in the future to board her when needed. .  She loves all the employees there and loves playing with the other small pups.

Melissa K. – Denver, CO

I took my 3 year-old dog here as he started to develop some aggressive tenancies and was terrible on leash (at 70 pounds, he walked me instead of the other way around).  This place came highly recommended by a friend and as soon as I met the team there, I knew it was a good fit.  I entered him into the 4 week, on leash board and train.  The hardest part…. by far… is being away from your dog for so long!  However, they were amazing about email updates and even included photos.

When my pup didn’t seem quite ready to go home, they kept him an additional week at no charge to fine tune his training.  When I arrived to pick him up (I was ecstatic) but also so impressed when I saw him strut in on his leash and following Jamie’s commands to a T! I don’t have children, so this was like my proud mom moment where he got his first A on his report card.
The hardest part is transitioning home and being sure to implement the training in your own environment.  Your dog will want to test the limits and you’ll be so happy to see them that you’ll want to give in on a few things… but the real test of this program is the follow-up that you provide at home.  Just be aware when you sign up for this, it is going to include work on your side and you can’t expect them to just come home “programmed” without you maintaining what got them to their new well-behaved state.
Further, there are follow up classes included so that if there are things you need additional help on fine-tuning, you can get the help you need (also, included in the original fee).

I am very happy with the experience I had with this business and I plan to continue to bring him here for boarding and day care! Thank you for taking such good care of my dog!

Sharon P. – Golden, CO

After talking with and trying various dog trainers in the Denver area, I found American Canine Academy.  They changed my American Bulldog Jake’s life (and mine).  I was told he was hopeless before Jamie took him and changed his behavior.  He was extremely aggressive towards both other dogs and people.  He will always be aggressive towards other dogs, but his behavior towards people has changed.  He’s gone from being isolated to being able to walk around populated areas and I can have visitors come to my home and not be afraid he will attack them.  I will be forever grateful to them.

Rachel R. - Sacramento, CA

I put my dog Maeby (pitbull/boxer) through the on and off leash program, and it could not have been a better decision! I only had Maeby for a couple weeks when I realized I was going to need experts to train her. She had no control over her energy and I had no way to control it either. Before picking her up at the end I was nervous that she was going to be the same dog I had dropped off. I was so wrong! She is wonderful now, she listens, obeys commands, and is very enjoyable to be around. Even my family, who aren’t pitbull lovers, said she is welcome to their house anytime! I can not say enough great things about this place. The staff and trainers are friendly and knowledgeable. They kept me up to date the whole time Maeby was there and also sent me pictures. I would and do recommend this place to anyone looking to get their dog trained. They are reasonably priced and it is worth every cent.

Eric W. – Denver, CO

I love this place, my terrier mix also loves it. I have used both the training as well as the boarding services here. Sean and his staff are great and super friendly. Highly recommended!

Liz W. – Deer Trail, CO

My dog and I love American Canine Academy.  I brought my German Shepherd here when she was just over 4 months old, and was already out of control.  I could only bear to part with her for 2 weeks, and even in that short amount of time she learned a tremendous amount.  We also board here several times a year and she comes back tired and happy.  I have consistently received a return phone call within a few hours and have found the staff to be helpful and flexible. They are always excited to see my girl, and she them.  Highly recommended.

Bob R. – Deer Trail, CO

I love these people – better yet – our three Corgi’s love these people.  Our doggies are 12 yrs, 7 yrs, and 3 yrs – female, female, male – in that order.  We had used kennels in Colorado and other states with unfortunate results and then found ACA.  Our doggies changed – became happy to arrive at the kennel – were still happy when we picked them up, also relaxed and cleaned.  We use ACA frequently for weekend trips, week trips, and, earlier this year, with death in family they had a month long stay.  We would be concerned to try another kennel.  It is refreshing for us to trust our doggies are in ‘good hands’ when we travel and are not able to take them with us.  Sean and his ‘staff’ are excellent to work with and they work extremely well with our doggies.  We trust them – Our Doggies trust them.

R.D. – Castle Rock, CO

Amazing!  I took my 2 year old Vizsla to ACA for the 4 week board and train program in July 2015.  At the time, we were new to the area and needed to find a place to board our dog while we lived in a hotel.  So, why not train and board?

We boarded our dog in other places in the past and usually had horrible experiences.  Although we were nervous about leaving our dog again, we quickly realized how good of an organization ACA was by their attention to detail.  They took care of our dog, responded promptly to our calls, sent pictures and emails on his progress, and worked on some of the issues we presented.

After 4 weeks we were amazed to see a changed dog!  Not only was the training a success, but now he was even calm enough for my 5 year old to walk him. It has been 4 weeks since we left.  During that time we continued the training regimen ACA taught us.  Our dog is still calm, focused, and responding to his commands.

On the day of pickup, we were worried that he could come home “too changed” and not be the same fun loving dog that we left.   We were happy to see that, he was still the same dog; friendly, loving, but now obedient.

I highly recommend ACA to anyone looking to board their dog with access to an active learning experience.

Debbie M. – Denver, CO

My 16 month old lab is a regular at the American Canine Academy.  At roughly 6 months old he did the four week board and train program because he was getting very strong and unruly on a leash and he needed to learn his manners.  I had tried a more friendly treat based approach before going this route but he is very food motivated so the minute you asked him to sit or stay without a treat he could not be bothered.  After four weeks he was a much more manageable puppy.  American Canine Academy taught him what he needed to know and it was up to me to continue it at home.  I have since started a new job that requires my travel once a month, so Bentley returns to American Canine Academy for boarding while I am gone.  I know he gets play time there, some touch up work on his training and the staff is always excited to see him and he runs in with a wagging tail every month even though he knows he will be there for a few days.  I have been very happy with my experience here and have since referred two other families who have used the 4 week board and train and they have both been very happy with their results as well.  When I have some extra money I hope to send Bentley back for the off leash program as I think it would be great for him.

Denise L. – Evergreen, CO

I have fostered several dogs, but had one that was just too difficult. She was a deaf ACD mix. She was sweet, but had a bit of dog aggression and extreme separation anxiety. And her disability made her more difficult to train. Still having a full time job, her separation anxiety made it so I was unable to leave her alone. And, I also wasn’t able to to leave her with my other dogs. I was not sure where to go. I ended up bringing Pippa in for a board and train hoping to get her to a more adoptable state. It worked! Even with her disability, American Canine Academy did a great job rehabilitating Pippa. She was completely over her dog aggression and separation anxiety and found a great home. They really helped me save a rescue that didn’t seem like she was going to have much of a chance.

Karen D. – Denver, CO

I put our four year old American Bulldog in their four week train and board program. They did an amazing job in training her to walk without pulling, to sit, to wait and calmed down some of her hyper energy. They even kept her for an additional two weeks to help my dog achieve her training goals. We are very satisfied with the training and discipline our dog received and the instructions and training we received as owners of a bully breed.

David F. – Denver, CO

We adopted a 1 year old from Foothills shelter. She was used to the pound life and as new owners , we needed help. Luckily my gf found them online and the 2 week course is worth every penny.  The ladies there are so nice and seem like they genuinely love their job which results in a perfect pup 🙂

Samantha T. – Denver, CO

I did the 4 week board and train with my five year old dog Humphrey. We have had a struggle training Humphrey ever since we’ve had him. He is full of character and very smart but he is also very stubborn. We had tried classes with Petsmart, at doggy daycares and with zoom room, none of which were very effective. Humphrey is not food driven and it is very hard to find training that does not involve treats in this day and age. American Canine Academy made me feel very positive that they could train my dog without the use of treats, and they did! The normal 4 week board and train took Humphrey 6 weeks to complete, but it was not to my surprise because he is very stubborn. Since training Humphrey has lower anxiety and is much more manageable in social situations. He no longer has the unpredictable reactivity as before in social situations. I am very happy with the results of their training. We still have some work on our hands but they gave us a great foundation to start with.

Sandy E. – Castle Rock, CO

These guys are wonderful. We have a 9 year old Golden Retriever who lost his older best buddy a year ago. The younger Golden became the “alpha dog” and really was uncomfortable and didn’t know how. He became reactive to other dogs while he loves people. We talked with three other trainers who said “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks” . Jaimie at American Canine Academy did a preliminary evaluation and was confident that while we were gone on a two week trip she could board and train the Golden. When we returned we came back to a relaxed, friendly, calm and obedient Golden. It is a joy to walk him in the neighborhood. We did follow up training with Jaimie and Rebecca and our training is improved and the Golden is confident and comfortable. We can’t speak highly enough about this dog school. They are wonderful!!!!

Jenna N. – Denver, CO

I have had two of my dogs trained at American Canine Academy with Sean Miller and his excellent staff.  Two pitbulls with sweet, yet extremely stubborn temperaments that were just generally speaking out of control.  We purchased the 4 week board and train, and when we picked our dogs up they were like new animals!  Sean impressed upon us the importance of following through with their training, that the training doesn’t stop when they leave, using all the follow up and group classes, and assured us that if we stayed consistent, the training would stick.  That was absolutely true!  It was clear the animals weren’t trained with force or intimidation, they were calm, showed no signs of stress, and had just simply come to accept us as the leaders.  When one of them started acting up again (it’s normal for them to challenge you), Sean gave us great advice and even offered to take the dog back at no additional charge, but we were able to address and solve the problem in our follow up classes.  I appreciated Sean’s dedication to training these animals to have a sound mind in addition to being obedient, I know he does a lot of rehabilitation there and it’s clear he and his staff are very skilled at what they do.  I also appreciated that the facility and the staff are very geared towards keeping the animals calm.  It’s not a pet-hotel, something that’s clearly more designed more to be flashy to humans than it is to maintain a stress-free environment.  That’s not to say it’s not clean and nice, I just mean that it’s designed for what’s best for the dogs, and not pandering to trendy aesthetics that are completely lost on the animals.  You’ll show up there, there will be 40 dogs on site, and none of them are barking.  It’s amazing.  I would recommend ACA to anyone trying to get their dogs under control.  This isn’t a teach your dogs tricks sort of place like Petsmart or the like, this is where you take your dog to become a calm, controlled, obedient animal and/or address major behavioral problems.  It was totally worth the investment!

Nisa L. – Henderson, CO

Our very nervous shnauzer-poodle mix dog stays here one or two times a year.  He walks in willingly, and is happy and calm when we pick him up.  We call it his country club.  I highly recommend American Canine Academy.

Ashley C. – Henderson, CO

This place rocks! As a first time dog owner, they not only helped me understand why my dog was acting out and how to remedy it (aka what to change at home, not letting him manipulate through contact), but after completing his board & train they’ve been there for every question and scenario I need help with, even when it comes to his diet. Working with the staff at ACA has exponentially expanded my knowledge as a dog owner. My little guy is healthy, happy and well-mannered now!

Rachel M. – Denver, CO

Holy Moly! I love this place. The staff is so knowledgeable and patient (with both myself AND my dogs), they know us by name, and I have peace of mind when I leave them there during any out-of-town trips. I started out with training but now I won’t board my dogs anywhere else. Sean and the girls are great! Throughout training and follow up classes they were there for any questions and concerns, and even after they’ve always been ready to help and extend advice. My dogs are so well behaved now, and I feel like I’ve learned SO much as an owner. Life changing. Highly recommend!!!

Lydia B. – Longmont, CO

The staff at American Canine Academy has always been so patient and helpful with my dogs. We have a shelter dog that had a terrible case of separation anxiety and various other behavioral issues. They were always more then happy to give us advice and work with him to get him past that so he could stay a part of our family. We continue every day to work with both of our dogs – using training styles that they’ve helped us with. We have the best dogs we could have ever asked for because of it! Thank you American Canine Academy 🙂

Taylor M. - Denver, CO

I brought my very stubborn and very hyper small dog to them as a last resort for training. I tried many different trainers and none seemed to help he was turning two and I didn’t think it was possible to train him. When I picked my dog up I was in complete shock at how well he was listening and how calm he seemed. He could sit stay and lie down all on command it was truly amazing. My expectations were exceeded and having a well behaved dog has changed my life. The staff is amazing and they offer group classes and one on one classes to keep up with the training which is great. They know each dog by name and it’s great going to a place where you feel your dog is safe and that they truly care about the well being of the dogs. I can’t thank them enough for their help!

Sean D. – Denver, CO

The staff are exceptional and they take great care of my dogs. I did a board and train there last summer with both dogs and now they board there when I am out of town. And they do touch up training when my dogs stay with them. I love the weekly group classes that come with the training, it allows practice for my dogs and extra support. Call them, you’ll love them…promise!

Joe L. - Wheat Ridge, CO

I have been taking my lab here for a few months, he is  2 years old but this changed my life. I almost had to give him away until coming here to train. Now my pup is very well trained and has no more dog aggression issues. I recommend this place to everyone at work. Sinse they’re able to train my dog I feel they will be able to train any dog.

Kirsten D. – Wheat Ridge, CO

This place is great! I have taken my dogs there to train and board. I have three pitbulls that had a lot of issues and were out of control after training there they’re now very well mannered and  behaved and I can walk all three at one time with any distractions. The staff is very nice and always answered any questions I had I couldn’t be anymore pleased.

Tiffany M. – Northglenn, CO

These people are wonderful! I took my 4 year old German Shepherd there, thinking he was way to old to be trained. He had anxiety all the time and was just out of control. The staff were so amazing and helped me until I understood the training. They are always there for me whenever I have questions and they are great at following up with me after my dog has gone home. My dog is now just fantastic to be around. It took a lot of practice and work on my end but with all their help my dog has come so far. I recommend to anyone who has a dog that needs some training to contact these people!!

Kimberly F. – Broomfield, CO

We did the 4 week board and train for our then 4 mos. old Yorkie mix.  She was having some crating issues and we also wanted her to have basic obedience.  We didn’t want to be the owners with the horrible small yappy dog!  I had called around talking to different businesses one of which did nothing but lecture me for nearly 20 min. about the training we had done so far with her etc.  Needless to say when I called ACA I had a much better experience.  Kristen was very friendly and helpful with all of my questions and spent quite a bit of time on the phone with me.  While she was there, anytime I called to check on her they were very friendly and never made me feel like I was burdening them.  They also texted and emailed us pictures so we could see how she was doing.  I was a little worried with how young she was would the training work and would she even remember us.  When we picked her up I was amazed at how much she learned, how happy she was, and yes she did remember who we were!!  She could sit, stay, heel etc.  They had bathed her and washed her bedding and toys to.  She has been home for 3 weeks now and is doing well with her crate also.  When we take her out she is complemented frequently on how well behaved she is for being a puppy.  We’ve done two of our follow up classes and a group class as well.  When we get there she is excited to see them!  Sean and his staff are amazing!  This was definitely a worthwhile investment we made for our puppy and I highly recommend them.

Brandy L. – Denver, CO

I don’t even know where to begin this review….I have so much to say.  I adore this training facility and Becca, the trainer is so talented and patient not only with the dogs but with the owners.  I have two dogs – one who is friendly and crazy – the other hates other dogs and is crazy and then myself who is going crazy because of the difference between the two.

I sent the youngest (Pip) to the two week board and train while trying to solve the behavioral issues of the other.  Bentley my boy that is not so friendly with other dogs has come a long way with the techniques that are used here.  I tried the dog friendly treat training and it did NOTHING for him.  In fact he started to be afraid of the treats.  This training has taught me to take control of the situation and stop it before it begins.  There is a group training every Saturday morning and a lot of the dogs have the fear aggression issues and it really makes you feel like you are not alone with the problems you are having.  It not only helps train your dog but also gives controlled socialization which is huge.

I liked them so much that I ended up giving Pip the full four week board and train.  If it weren’t for his adorable face I would have thought they gave me the wrong dog back.  He is so incredibly well behaved!  He heels and walks calmly.  He doesn’t race toward every person coming down the street thinking that they only exist to play with him.  When I am brushing Bentley I give Pip the ‘place’ command and he actually stays and listens.  It is incredible.  I was sitting on the patio at Panera one day and a girl came up to pet Pip….he sat calmly, not jumping, and the girl complimented me on what a well behaved dog I have.  If she had only met him a month ago she would never have dreamed of giving me that compliment.  I have received so many similar compliments and every time someone give it to me I tell them about American Canine Academy.

I am happy to recommend the facility and Becca in particular.  She really takes the time to listen and knows each and every dog and their personalities.  At first glance it may appear more expensive than the typical big chain classes or the other group classes around (and I researched them all) but in the end you (1) have a much better trained dog and (2) by the time you go through all of the beginner, intermediate, advanced lessons and the time you have to spend working with them you really break even or come out ahead.  The four week also includes 5 private follow-up lessons (which I have yet to use because I haven’t had any issues) and unlimited group classes….for life!

If you do not have the time or patience to train your dog, if you have a dog with behavioral issues or if you just want a well behaved companion that can go to the farm market with you or sit on a restaurant patio – you cannot go wrong with American Canine Academy.

Amber P. – Arvada, CO

Sean trained a couple of my German Shepherds a few years back, including an extremely fear aggressive pup. All I can say is I’m AMAZED by how well he instantly understood both my dogs and my “handling” methods, how he was able to train both of us, and the results I saw. I always refer to him, especially when I know people that have “problem” dogs.

Denis N. -Denver, CO

As nervous first time dogowners, we sought the advice of Sean at the American Canine Academy.  He  understands that training the dogowners is as important as training the dogs, and both he and the rest of the staff answered our questions with the patience of a St. Bernard at a 1 year-old’s birthday party.  They also remember our dogs each time we come, which is impressive with all the dogs that they see.

I can’t say enough good things about American Canine Academy, and our dogs like it even more than we do.  In fact that’s the only negative in this review – that possibly our dogs like Sean and Kristen more than they like us!

Rachael B. -Denver, CO

We have been boarding our dogs at American Canine Academy for over 3 years now and love them! First we used their training program while we went on a five week vacation to Australia and New Zealand. We were amazed at the results when we came back. We were able to get the dogs out of our bed and off the couch and now they know the meaning of “no.” Sean and the rest of the staff are amazing. We have a dog aggressive dog, and most boarding places will not take her, but Sean and the rest of his staff know how to deal with her and keep her and the other dogs safe. Our dogs are also always excited when we drop them off which is the best sign that they have a great time there while we have a great time on our vacation!

Carl K. -Castle Rock, CO

The training team at American Canine Academy is stellar.  In 30-days they were able to take my dog from “wild and crazy” – pulling, tugging, etc., and build him dog in to a confident, obedient partner.  He’s now the dog that you walk past and say, “I wish my dog could do that.”  They also have vet-techs on site.  My dog looked great when we picked him up.  Becca and Kristin are amazing!

Stacie T. – Brighton, CO

I recently took my 9 month old Doberman Pinscher to the academy. Since he has been there, the academy has kept me informed with my dog, making me feel ok with leaving him there. I was informed of his well being every week, and what progress he had made. I am excited to get him home . With the lifetime classes for my dog, who could ask more? Keeping him involved every Saturday makes me feel like they are not just training and sending him home, they are keeping a relationship with my dog and keeping him a part of the school. Thank you.

Gen P. – Commerce City, CO

My dog loves going there.  The trainer is very nice and knows what she is talking about.  She answers every question I have, reviews my  puppy’s progess every week, and I see a difference in my dog.  It’s a great place with great staff!!

Annalisa S. -Aurora. CO

I sent my dog to the board and train program here and they did an amazing job.  They even kept him for extra time (at no additional charge) to help iron out some kinks.  He has been so well behaved since he came back home.  He still needs some work, but that was to be expected and they really gave me a great foundation to build from.  I’m extremely pleased with the work they did!

Dave P. -Denver, CO

We dropped our dog off for the 2 week board and train program.  He is a great dog but we have never had the patience to work with him on basic commands.  After 2 weeks of training, he was a much easier dog to live, run and walk with.  We are going to bring him back whenever we go on longer vacations- because the boarding rates are great- and we can get him a little extra refreshing on training as well.
We recommend the board and train to anyone who wants/needs it for their dog too.

Carol W. -Brighton, CO

I’m a proud parent of Haylee, We rescued Haylee a 2 yr. old Boarder Collie.  Haylee is a wonderful dog. But due to her past and breed she is VERY DOG AGGRESSIVE! I am a Dog groomer and I take Haylee with me when ever go to get her adjusted and socialist because I wish for her to be a well behaved no matter where and under any situation. The very knowledgeable team at  American Canine Academy have been wonderful helping us train her and help her to become more passive with dogs.  We still have a way to go but in just 6 weeks that she has been in American Canine Academy training program, Haylee is a MUCH BETTER DOG!  Thank you, Sean, Becca, Kristine!  Looking forward to our Saturday group class and the Invidual class on Thursdays.  Well worth the time and money!  Thanks Again! Chris, Carol and Haylee

Jenifer K. -Wheat Ridge, CO

We are usually gone 1-2 weeks each winter and have been boarding our dog here for the past several years and we just love them.  Not to mention, our dog seems to love them too – he actually gets excited when we drop him off there!  I just love how the staff members really seem to know him and give him such great attention.  When we come to pick him up he is always well groomed, well fed and happy.  Once, we dropped him off with this little sore on his nose that we could not get rid of and sure enough, they healed it all up by the time we picked him up.    It really is a relief to know that our dog is in such good hands while we are gone – that is always one last thing to worry about.

Meg T. -Denver, CO

The crew at the American canine academy are caring, knowledgeable and down right awesome.  A perfect place to help you train your dog and to board your dog when you must be away!

Tamara N. -Denver, CO

American Canine Academy is the only place I will take my two dogs! Both of my dogs are hard headed, stubborn, and extremely high energy, so we knew something had to be done and that they needed immediate professional training! We enrolled them in their two week board and train. Once we got them back we were educated on what they taught our dogs, and it was as if we had brand new dogs! They were taught and understood basic commands as well as being much calmer. So now whenever we go out of town, American Canine Academy is the only place we trust to leave our dogs because they know dogs, but even more, they know our dogs and we know they will be taken care of, happy, and loved.

Siara S. – Parker, CO

We take our dogs there every time we leave for vacation and our dogs are excited when they get there. The staff is awesome and they remember us every time, as well as how our dogs act. I have taken dogs to other kennels and haven’t been happy with the way they were cared for. It makes us thankful that we found American Canine Academy. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Eric W. -Denver, CO

I love this place, my terrier mix also loves it. I have used both the training as well as the boarding services here. Sean and his staff are great and super friendly. Highly recommended.

Nicole F. -Denver, CO

My husband and I discovered American Canine Academy on-line while searching for a dog trainer. During our initial interview before training began, we were greeted by friendly staff who welcomed us and our furry family member. The training sessions are excellently run and are tailored to meet your needs. Our whole family has benefited from both the private sessions and the group socialization classes. I would highly recommend American Canine Academy if you are looking for great dog trainers.

Fleur F. -Denver, CO

This place is the best!  No one can believe how much my dogs’ behavior has improved since we have taken them here!  It’s spotlessly clean, and the dogs love going there!  Friendly staff are awesome.  I have recommended this place for boarding to several of my friends and they have all thanked me for it.  I highly recommend Sean and his trainers- top notch!!

Hannah S. -Denver, CO

I am so excited for my first lesson with Sean today. I went in with my dog, Snoopy, for an ‘interview’ to see what we would need to be working on over the next few months. Our dog went a little nuts and started to lunge at Sean and really wouldn’t stop. Great. I had no control over making him calm down. Within 20 min, Sean had our dog sitting by his side and Snoopy was letting him pet him. I know I’m not a trainer or anything, but it was pretty amazing. I’m sold.

Amy N. -Aurora, CO

Before training at American Canine my dog was impossible to walk. Every time it was a challenge. He was especially bad with bikes and cars. He would bark and lunge and nearly take me off my feet. After training at American Canine Academy he is much better. We can walk almost anywhere and he hardly even notices any bikers or loud cars. Thanks so much! I would recommend American Canine Academy to everyone!!!

Jennifer K. -Denver, CO

We adopted an approximately 1 year old Terrier Mix from the Dumb Friends Shelter on Quebec in mid-September.  Within the first 2 weeks, Riley exhibited signs of fear-based dog aggression and he was also pretty reactive to men. We initially took him to a trainer who advised a series of positive reward based techniques.  Over time, it became increasingly clear that Riley’s aggression was worsening, not improving.  At about the 6 week point, we decided more extreme measures were needed.

We interviewed 2 different board and train programs and chose American Canine Academy for a number of reasons: 1. The price was a fixed fee, regardless of the number of weeks they would eventually determine he needed to stay.  2. A number of follow-up, personal training sessions were included.  3. Unlimited group sessions are also included. Riley stayed for 5 weeks and when he came home, we noticed a lot of changes in him.

He is still afraid of dogs but his reactions are less severe and more easily corrected/controlled.  The staff has been very helpful in observing Riley in both personal and group sessions and especially in advising us how to continue to work with him.  He has good days and bad but we have seen major improvements and we can tell he is well on his way to overcoming his issues.  We truly feel we have a partner in American Canine Academy and we know we can turn to them for any additional support we may need.

Quana G. -Littleton, CO

Izzy was unruly, destructive, out-of-control and sometimes aggressive. We put her in the board and train program for approximately 5 weeks. What we got back was a different dog. Anytime I have an issue come up with Izzy I call Sean and he always listens and offers helpful advice. She is a four-legged testimony to Sean!

Melissa H.  -Iowa

The change in Merlin and Joe since attending your 4-week board and train program has been remarkable. It was questionable whether we would be able to keep them due to the barking, chasing, and aggressive behavior toward other dogs and people. Not only have we kept up with what you taught them but we find it very easy to introduce new commands.

Alan S. -Boulder, CO

When I first rescued Brooks he was a handful to say the least. Brooks is an American Stafford Terrier and Sean assured me that he had worked with many of them and that he had no prejudices against them. After meeting with Sean we decided on the 4-week board and train program. When I went to pick Brooklyn up after the four weeks had passed I could have sworn Sean switched dogs on me. Anytime I’m having issues or have any questions Sean is right there to lend a hand or offer potential solutions.

Becky & Jason -Denver, CO

Sean, Thank you so much for coming to our house a few weeks ago. My friends came this weekend and Kaiser was GREAT with them. Jason and I feel fortunate to have found you as Kaiser’s trainer and we just want to say thanks for all you have done for us. -Becky

Sean, Let me just reiterate how much we appreciate all of the help you have given us over the past year. Kaiser has improved dramatically since going through your boot camp and trainings. Most of all, thank you for teaching us how to become better owners. – Jason

Kathleen K. – Denver, CO

My husband and I adopted Ruby, a 120 pound purebred German Rottweiler, from a local no-kill shelter when she was about two and a half years old. When we first brought her home, she hopped up on our bed and growled at us when we tried to move her. She was impossible to walk, which explained why she was overweight, and was dog aggressive. It was clear that Ruby was accustomed to calling the shots and muscling her way through life. We saw that she also had a very sweet side, but knew we had to either return her to the shelter or address her dominance issues immediately. Fortunately, we found Sean Miller who, quite literally, saved her life.

Ruby stayed at American Canine Academy for eight weeks in the board and train program, and Sean returned to us a completely different dog. Ruby’s sweet nature emerged in full force once she was no longer worried about having to be in control. She knew all her obedience commands, and took great pleasure showing off her skills at the Saturday group obedience classes. She was happy, healthy and no longer overweight; she now enjoys running, and stays at my side in perfect “heel” position. Just as important as the work he did with Ruby, Sean provided us with the skills we needed to continue and reinforce her training at home. Today we have a wonderful, loyal and obedient companion in Ruby and can’t imagine our lives without her.

Sarah and Ryann -Denver, CO

WOW!  What did you do with our dog???!!!

The one we have now listens to us, walks at a brisk pace and no longer rules the roost!  Doobie has been such a pleasure to be around.  From the send home session, we weren’t sure exactly what to expect, and how the training would generalize outside of the school.  I think we had pretty low expectations and very high hopes leaving on Friday night.  We have been overwhelmed with how great he has been.

Ryann said that this was the best weekend of dog ownership she has ever had.  I have never been a huge “dog person,” but may now be a convert… walks are actually fun now!

We cannot thank you enough for all of your diligent work.  We feel so empowered now that we have tools and a common language.


Ann W.  -Denver, CO

Big Behavior Improvement! Our family’s experience with American Canine Academy has been exceptional. We have a high-energy, strong dog who is sometimes aggressive towards other dogs. We are committed to keeping her as part of our family for her lifetime, so we decided to improve her behavior. We tried several trainers with no success. We found the perfect fit at American Dog School. Our dog did the training-and-boarding program, lasting several weeks. What a great change. Her listening skills have improved and we can now control her; she even obeys our 7 year old son. Our dog has learned basic commands and pays much more attention to our directives. We are continuing her training by taking her to group classes. Sean takes the time to address our questions and concerns and doesnt hesitate to immediately help out during class if he sees an owner struggling. We recommend Amercian Canine Academy!

Stephanie B. -Wheat Ridge, CO

Although my dog has been through training since he was 4 months old (he is 4 now) he has always been the type to test the waters and see just what he can get away with. Then I found American Canine Academy, and the trainers there helped me get a handle on my little moster and showed me how my every day interactions with him were sending him mixed signals on what was ok and what was not. Thanks guys! He may not ever be perfect, this we know but he is my little king and now everyone in the household can live with him and love him not just his mom ;).


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