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Our Philosophy: Positive, Patient, and Practical

Do you ever come home and find your dog hiding in the bathroom looking very guilty, and when you find trash everywhere, you know why? Does your sandwich ever mysteriously disappear and all of a sudden your dog isn’t hungry for dinner? Do you wish your dog would stop barking at your mother and start barking at your mother in-law? The list of common dog behavior problems is unending.

  • Not coming when called
  • Jumping on people or counters
  • Jumping the fence
  • Aggression toward other dogs
  • Aggression toward people
  • Barking uncontrollably
  • Chewing things up
  • Going to the bathroom in the house
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Bolting
  • Playing “keep away” with YOUR items. (Shoes, socks, kids toys, papers, etc…)
  • And the list goes on…

As much as you love your dog, he or she probably misbehaves on a fairly consistent basis. Just saying no or swatting them on the nose is not a good solution. Even though behavior problems are common, they can be serious. Bad behavior in dogs requires professional training and rehabilitation. Our trainers understand behavior problems; they understand why they occur and how they can be corrected. We are an authority on behavior problems and we will use our knowledge and experience to help treat your dog. We are dedicated to preventing behavioral problems in younger dogs and rehabilitating existing behavioral problems in all dogs.

We believe that regardless of age or breed, any dog can be trained with proper coaching and attention.We take a positive, patient, and practical approach to all of our training. We have two goals: one, we want your dog to be well-behaved and well-mannered and two, we want you to be proud of them.

You: During training, it is crucial to teach you how to be a calm, confident pack leader. When you are calm, your dog will trust you and when you are confident, your dog will follow you. Teaching you how to be your dog’s leader is just as important as training your dog.

Your Dog: While many trainers simply teach dogs very basic obedience, we teach dogs how to obey and behave. We work to resolve behavioral problems, train your dog in obedience exercises, and teach your dog proper social skills.

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